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Euchre Tournament Rules for Advanced Play

  1. First blackjack deals

  2. All games will be played to 8 hands

  3. Cards may be dealt one at a time or in the alternate two’s and three’s pattern

  4. Bidding commences to the left of the dealer

  5. “Stick the dealer” applies – dealer must make trump. If all three players have passed, the dealer is forced to make a trump selection

  6. A player may order, assist, or pick up with anything (a natural trump is not required)

  7. A dealer’s partner must go alone if they order the dealer up

  8. All players must keep their own score. Check scores after each hand for discrepancies

  9. Scoring:

    • 1 point is awarded for winning 3 or 4 tricks as “maker”

    • 2 points are awarded for a “march” or ” sweep” (taking all of the tricks)

    • 2 points are awarded for a Euchre (3 or more tricks by defenders)

    • 4 points for a declared “loner”, winning all five tricks

    • 4 points are awarded for a Euchre of a loner “Arkansas” (3 or more tricks by the defenders)

    • The Winner of round remains at their current table but also switch partners.

    • If there is a tie at the end of a round, one more hand is played to determine the winner, but no score is recorded.

    • The tournament winners are determined on individual score not team score.

    • If there is a tie for points, then the player who has won the most games is declared the winner.


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